Idyllic Appreciation (knigel) wrote in vancouvermeetup,
Idyllic Appreciation

Man-Hunting Season Begins Monday, February 19 2007!!!

It’s time to shake out hibernal slumber, cut your teeth, and toss the dew from your senses. Hunting season begins Monday, February 19 2007, and only the ready will last. It takes more than a choice to be the hunter or the prey. Dedication, experience, and solid iron-will separate the victorious, from the doomed. Those who come out and practice have a better chance than those who procrastinate. Therefore, come out to the hunting grounds and begin to sharpen your predatory skills.

We will meet @ street level of Burrard Station by the weird looking stone art on the grass. The first game starts at 7:30 pm and the next begins at 9:00 pm.

Websites for more information:
Manhunt Website

Check out our forums and feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions:

Game boundaries (may change depending on number of people):
Burrard to Jervis
Alberni to West Pender
Google Map

Dustin, a previous man-hunter, is back in town after his escape. Therefore, this is a special occasion of “Dustin-hunt”. He will be branded with a special marker to differentiate him from the rest of the stock. If a hunter pounces on this marked prey, that hunter will gain the respect of the pack.Man-Hunting Season Begins Monday, February 19 2007!!!
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