A (jonesa3) wrote in vancouvermeetup,

New to the city


Thought I would give this a shot.

My wife and I are new to the city, and, honestly, living with family has worn a little thin (especially in Coquitlam).  Is there anyone out there who wants to meet up for coffee?  I am a mid-twenties grad student and my wife is a recent graduate.  We're into current events, photography, writing, reading, and lots of other stuff.  I hope this post comes off in a non-creepy way, since we're honestly just a friendly couple of people who are looking for friends in a new city.  

If you're at all interested, let us know!  We'd love to have coffee or lunch or something, if you think we might get along.



EDIT - if you would like to MSN chat or something beforehand to figure things out/determine if we're interesting to you, I'm all for it.  Reply to this ad and I'll give you my MSN.
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